Saturday, April 12, 2008

One last kiss

It was over 25 years ago, when I first "met" Sandra on the telephone. A mutual friend offered her phone number with the intent of introducing me to someone really special. The following 3 three weeks gave me the unique opportunity to know her spirit first through many telephone conversations. What a beautiful spirit. I was so blessed and am a better person as a result. Last night before I retired for the evening, I joined Sandra Jean for one last kiss. This one of course was different and unlike any I will ever experience. What has taken place in these past days was simular to a conductor with his oh so beautiful piece of music building to a dramic creshendo. That did happen last night. I will miss her dearly....we will all miss her. What's exciting, is that she will continue to be with us....because this oh so special person had a dramatic impact on all of our lives. Her spirit will be with us always, isn't it amazing! I personally want to extend a heart felt thanks everyone that joined us over the last 6 - 8 weeks in making Sandie's last days comfortable. Between the actual hands on help and the calls of support, it could not have been done without you all. Thank you...thank you....thank you! I am, we are most appreciative. During these last weeks, many family and friends were able to stop by to see Sandie. She truly enjoyed the visits, which routinely involved sharing memories prompting much laughter. You can visualize the smile....can't you. What a sweet and special person. I will miss my little movie star. I know that God has blessed her with a front row seat in Heaven. Way to go Sweet Heart!


Pam said...

Sandie will be greatly missed – there will be a huge hole in our world, but she’s still with us – in our hearts and our memories. Like Grandma Emma, she always made everyone feel welcome, she delighted to see us and made each of us feel special. We loved her unique sense of humor, her wonderful style, but most of all her genuine warmth and compassion.

I loved her as a child when she was my babysitter, as a teenager when she lived with us and I got her incredible hand-me-downs, and then when I was in my 20s, when I worked with her. She was so much fun – nothing was better than getting her to giggle! I always looked forward to being with Sandie, so I will miss her hugely and will always love her. God bless, Sandie – until we meet again.

DebLawson said...

I am so sorry for your loss...
I will continue keeping your family in my prayers as you deal with this tremendous grief.

Michelle, Please know that we are here for you, that we love you and are praying for you. I am so sorry your sweet mom is gone, but am so thankful that you and the boys were able to have all of those weeks with her. Take care these next few weeks as you and your family prepare for the funeral and such.... Your mother was a trooper to the very end. what an example to us all!

Take care, sweetie,


Lindsay said...

Dear Edenholm family,

I feel it was absolute divine intervention to have Michelle as my first college roommate. I can remember my first trip to Gig to see where she came incredible family and even more noticeable an incredible mother. I will remember Sandie for her kind voice and warm smile. Her memory will live on in each of you. My heart aches for your loss and my prayers are for your family at this time.

Carrie said...

We are so sorry for your loss. We heard the news this morning and our hearts truly ache with yours. We hope you are feeling some peace and comfort at this time - knowing that Sandie is not gone forever. What a blessing it is to know that families are eternal.

It sounds like Sandie really did endure to the end well and she is a great example to us. We are so glad she is no longer suffering.

We send our love to all of you and wish we could be there for the funeral. Know that you're in our thoughts and prayers!!

Sending love your way....
Curtis, Carrie, Brady and Landon