Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom's Passing - Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom passed shortly after 10 pm tonight. It's very bittersweet as we will miss her so much but the pain just got unbearable the past 24 hours and she's been fighting this for so long. She had shared with me a few weeks ago that she wanted to endure to the end well, whenever the Lord decided to take her, and she did just that.

Though we could see a gradual decline over the past few months the past couple days have been dramatic, especially the last 24 hours. It is such a relief that she is no longer uncomfortable and is out of pain. I'm so sorry for those who wanted a chance to be with her and it didn't work out. We had no idea a few days ago that it was coming this soon.

She's been at peace about going ever since her diagnosis and we just have to keep remembering that. Ovarian cancer is one of the worst cancers and we've really been blessed that we've had the past few years with her.
We will be meeting together as a family tomorrow when Michelle and Rhonda get here (Mark and Cory are here now) and we'll try and get the details figured out for the funeral services and get it posted. It will for sure be here in Gig Harbor and likely within the next week but we'll get out details as soon as we can.

We can't begin to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and support. We know we've lost our Mom, the kids have lost their Nana/Grandma and Ron's lost his wife but there are those of you who've lost your sister, aunt, or friend and our hearts go out to you too.